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HealthMate Plus


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

An effective air purifier can make a big difference in the quality of indoor air. Indoor air can be contaminated with particles, pollen and dust, which can be irritating and harmful to many people. Since most people spend a lot of their time indoors, maintaining clean indoor air is an important issue for all residences. Even the cleanest houses can contain toxins in the air that may be harmful if breathed in. Austin Air has developed a strong and effective air purifier called the Health Mate Plus. The HealthMate Plus model is a very powerful purifier that is able to clean the air of pollen, dust and toxins. The Health Mate Plus is a perfect purifier for both businesses and residences in order to assure clean and safe indoor air. A lot of people who shop around for air purifiers have chosen the HealthMate Plus to use in their homes due to its effectiveness and efficiency.

Rachel Snyder from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is a homeowner who made the decision to use the Austin Air Health Mate Plus in her home. Mrs. Snyder has a large home with three children and her husband. One of the reasons they decided on the purchase of that particular home was the large basement. The basement was a perfect place for her children to keep all their toys. They were able to play downstairs without disturbing anyone in the home. The children could have company over and take them downstairs to the basement to play and Mrs. Snyder knew they would be safe but she would not be bothered by the noise. The basement was so large in size, it not only served as a playroom for the children but the family was also able to keep their washer and dryer in the basement. She could do the laundry in the basement so the machines did not take up space in another room in the house. The noise of the washer and dryer was also not audible since it was in the basement so it did not disturb other people in the house. Although the basement was a perfect room for the children and the washer and dryer, she wanted to make sure it was a good environment for them as well. Since the children often spent most of their days downstairs in the basement and their friends from the neighborhood often joined them, Mrs. Snyder wanted the basement air to be quality air. She shopped around for air purifiers and chose the air purifier to clean the basement air due to its powerful and effective nature. The air purifier is able to clean the air inside a room that is 1100 square feet in size or smaller. She found that the Health Mate Plus was one of the few air purifiers that are able to handle a room of that size. The unit is also very quiet so that it would not be a loud noise in the background that the children would have to yell over to hear each other. Mrs. Snyder is able to keep the Health Mate Plus running throughout the night on a low speed so that the basement air is fresh in the morning. She used to walk downstairs to the basement and could feel the staleness in the air. Since the Health Mate Plus has been running, however, She has noticed that the air downstairs feels just as healthy and fresh as the air upstairs in the house.

With such a unique and technologically advanced filtering system in place, She has also noticed that the air purifier has made the air free of particles and toxins in the basement. Her children used to suffer from allergic reactions to the dust and particles in the air in the basement. Although they weren't severe, the attacks did cause the children to sneeze and cough. After purchasing and running the Health Mate Plus in the basement, Mrs. Snyder has noticed that these reactions have stopped and the children no longer sneeze and cough when they spend time in the basement.

After Mrs. Snyder started running the air purifier, the basement air has seemed more fresh and clean. The staleness and dampness in the air has ceased and has been replaced by fresher smelling and contaminant-free air. Her children no longer have allergic symptoms when they spend time in the basement. Mrs. Snyder also now enjoys doing laundry in the basement since the air is so clean and vibrant. The air purifier has made the basement a pleasant and safe place for her whole family to enjoy.



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  • Does the chosen manufacturer have independent tests to prove its claims?
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  • How much will it cost to run? How much will it cost to replace filters and parts?
  • Is it noisy?
  • Is the technology clean and environmentally friendly?
  • How big and heavy is it?
  • Will it interfere in my house décor?
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