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Home Air Purifier addresses Seasonal Allergies

Air Purifier:

Allerair, 4000 Exec


Allentown, Pennsylvania

Indoor air can contain many particles and harmful contaminants that can irritate people's passageways. People spend most of their time indoors so they are exposed to these contaminants on a regular basis. The toxins in indoor air can include pollen, dust, mold and chemicals. If breathed in, some people can experience reactions to these contaminants. Sufferers of allergies and asthma are even more sensitive to these contaminants. The particles in the air can trigger these people to experience an asthma or allergy attack. One of the best ways to keep the air clean of these harmful particles and contaminants is with an air purifier. The 4000 Exec home air purifier is the perfect model to eliminate these particles from the air.

The Allerair 4000 Exec was a lifesaver for Katie Rodriguez from Allentown, Pennsylvania. Ms. Rodriguez had been living in her new town home that she just purchased for a little over three months. She noticed that after all of her possessions were unpacked and her furniture was set up in her new home, the air quality didn't seem to be as clean as she was used to. Ms. Rodriguez had always suffered from minor allergies. Her allergic reactions were triggered when there was too much dust in the air or there was a seasonal change. She also had allergic reactions when pollen was present in the air. Ms. Rodriguez was experiencing a runny nose and watery eyes when she woke up in the morning and walked out to her living room. She knew from her reaction to the air in the living room that there must be pollen present or some other type of particles in the air that caused her to experience these symptoms. Ms. Rodriguez knew she must find a way to make her indoor air purifier before she was also hit with a change in season.
She knew with all of these factors present in her air already, a change of season would just add to her allergic triggers and she would experience more allergic reactions.

Ms. Rodriguez soon shopped around and chose Allerair's air purifier as the best and most effective machine for her situation. The Exec 4000 is able to eliminate particles from the air in a room that is 12000 square feet or smaller in size. She was able to place the home air purifier in her living room and it could clean the whole room in no time. The model is able to take in airflow through the bottom and pass it through the filters inside. The air first is passed through a pre filter to absorb as many larger particles as possible. It then passes through the powerful and technologically advanced HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is able to absorb and eliminate particles in the air such as mold, pollen and dust. The model also contains 10 pounds of Mac-B. Mac-B is a mass activated carbon blend. This blend is able to absorb more of the chemicals, pollen and dust that may be present in the air. The combination of these filters and the carbon-activated media are very effective at cleaning the air of the toxins that can make Ms. Rodriguez experience her allergic reactions. Since the home air purifier is set on rolling casters, Ms. Rodriguez was able to roll the unit into her bedroom when she was ready to go to sleep. She could leave the unit running all night long so that when she woke up in the morning, the air still smelled fresh and clean. She was also able to move the unit around when she was trying to clean her town home. It was easily moveable so she could vacuum underneath it and dusts around it.

After purchasing Allerair's air purifier, Ms. Rodriguez has experienced clean air in her home. She no longer has to worry about entering her living room and experiencing her allergic reactions. Ms. Rodriguez doesn't have her constant runny nose or watery eyes. She is also not concerned with the change of the seasons that is coming up quickly. She knows with the help of her 4000 Exec home air purifier, she will have quality indoor air and no allergic reactions.



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