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Boulder, Colorado

Electrostatic technology may be the most effective technology that is used by air purifiers. This advanced way of cleaning air uses static electricity to attract dust particles in the air to the filters. Although this type of technology is known as one of the most effective systems that can be used in an air purifier, there are only a few brands of home air purifiers that use this type of technology in their products. AirFree uses the electrostatic technology in its Air Free Platinum and Onyx air purifier. This model of purifier is designed to be efficient, effective and quiet. The Air Free Platinum and Onyx is designed specifically to remove pollen, dust and mold spores from the air. These three toxins in indoor air can be harmful to people who suffer from allergies. Allergic reactions are often experienced when allergy sufferers breathe any of these toxins in. The Air Free Platinum and Onyx is a home air purifier that is able to absorb and destroy any of these toxins that may be circulating in indoor air. There are many allergy sufferers that now used the Air Free Platinum and Onyx in their homes in order to keep their allergic reactions under wraps.

Michelle Koehler from Charles County, Maryland has experienced the importance of the Air Free Platinum and Onyx in her home. Michelle and her family live in a beautiful home that was built in the 1940's. The rustic and retro look of her home is unique and the family loves to show it off. Although the home may be beautiful, Michelle and her family also suffer the consequences of owning an older home. The home has many leaks, causing some mold damage to the inside. The windows and walls are old and are not sealed as tightly as a newer home. This often lets in dust and pollen particles from the outside. On top of all of the indoor air quality problems, Michelle's husband, Peter, suffers from allergies. The indoor air quality had to be dealt with in order for Peter to be able to be comfortable in their home. The house was so distinguished and individualistic that the family didn't dream of selling the home and giving it up. Michelle knew there had to be a solution to the mold and pollen problem inside the house.

After researching her problem, Michelle decided an home air purifier would be the best way to keep the indoor air safe and clean for her family. The best choice she found for her needs was the Air Free Platinum and Onyx. The Air Free Platinum and Onyx promised efficiency and the removal of harmful particles and mold spores and it delivered. Michelle was pleased with how fresh and clean the air inside her home was after running the Air Free Platinum and Onyx. The unit is able to clean the home of these toxins with two sets of charged plates. One set charges the airflow as it enters the machine. The other set of plates is able to have the particles and contaminants in the air stick to it due to that electric charge. The Air Free Platinum and Onyx has a functional and fast airflow through the machine, which makes it quiet even when running on a high speed. This model of air purifier makes for easy maintenance due to the technology it uses to function. The Air Free Platinum and Onyx uses only the plates and no filters so there is nothing for users to have to keep track of and replace. The plates simply need to be washed and kept clean for optimal performance. They can be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand.

Once the Air Free Platinum and Onyx started running inside the home, Michelle and her family realized how much better the air inside their home was to breathe in. The family enjoyed the odor-free and fresh smelling air. Her husband no longer had allergic reactions while at home. He was able to relax and could breathe easier with as long as the unit was running. The home air purifier was able to absorb all the mold spores and dust particles that were present in the indoor air. The pollen that seeped into the home was also no match for the Air Free Platinum and Onyx. With such a quiet machine, the family is able to run the Air Free Platinum and Onyx air purifier throughout the night. They awaken in the morning to a beautifully and uniquely designed home that also has clean and safe air.



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