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Air Purifiers Help with Chemical Sensitivity

Air Purifiers: second Wind Model 2000
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

Chemical Sensitivity is a condition that many people suffer from. The condition causes them to react to chemicals in the air that they can be exposed to on a daily basis. Chemicals are all around so it may be impossible for people suffering from the condition to avoid all chemicals but with the help of an air purifier, these people can at least make their home a safe place for them to be. An air purifier is able to absorb and eliminate these harmful chemical fumes from the air. People with this sensitivity are able to breathe easier with an air purifier present in their home. UV Air Purifiers developed by second Wind specialize in removing chemical fumes from the air. Many people suffering from chemical sensitivity are finding Second Wind systems to be the most effective air purifiers for their needs.

Tom Jackson of Lincoln, Nebraska is a sufferer of this sensitivity. Mr. Jackson has to deal with chemicals in his daily life such as at the grocery store, dry cleaners or at his office. However, when Mr. Jackson gets home from a long day out, he'd like to be able to breathe easy without reacting to chemicals. Although Mr. Jackson has tried everything to keep the air inside his apartment clean, he still had some reactions at his home. Mr. Jackson lives in a small apartment, which means he was sharing air with his neighbors. Some of his neighbors smoked cigarettes or cooked food and the chemicals from their activities easily drifted into Mr. Jackson's apartment. The apartment maintenance crew sprayed pesticides and bug repellants once every month outside his apartment building. Mr. Jackson found that the chemicals from these sprays often drifted inside his apartment and caused his chemical reactions.

In order to find peace and comfort in his apartment, Mr. Jackson bought the most powerful chemical-removing air purifier on the market. He purchased the Second Wind in order to zap all the chemical fumes and circulate clean air throughout his home environment.

These air purifiers are able to clean a space up to 5000 square feet in size. He was able to run the unit in his living room and it could clean the whole apartment of any chemical fumes. He also found that the remote control that came with the Second Wind made it very convenient to change settings. When Mr. Jackson knew that pesticides were being sprayed or his neighbor was outside having a cigarette, he was able to change the setting to “high” on his air purifier with a simple click of the button. When Mr. Jackson was heading to bed, he could turn the purifier on the lowest setting and it was still effective at removing the chemicals from the air. Second Wind air purifier are measured to have 99% efficiency at cleaning the air inside a home and Mr. Jackson knew he had made a wise choice of air purifiers.

Since his investigation of air purifiers and purchase, Mr. Jackson now finds comfort and safety in his apartment. He may not be able to clean the outside air of the chemicals he is sensitive to but now his home is clean from these chemicals. He can breathe easier at home knowing that his air is going through many powerful filters that are able to remove chemicals before he is even breathing it in. The Second Wind is a powerful air purifier that has brought Mr. Jackson a clean, safe and comfortable indoor environment. He is no longer troubled by anything his neighbors may do or what may be going on outside. His apartment is a clean and safe sanctuary for Mr. Jackson due to his air purifier.



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