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Home Air Purifier addresses Childhood Allergies

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NeoAir Enviro Care


Macon, Georgia

The classic technology of the HEPA filter is still used in many home air purifiers that are sold in the industry. Blueair has used this classic HEPA technology and combined it with electrostatic technology in order to clean the indoor air. The Enviro Care is perfect for homes that contain residents that suffer from allergies or asthma. With its ability to clean the air of allergens and harmful particles, the NeoAir Model Enviro Care makes allergic and asthmatic reactions for sufferers few and far in between. The air is left safer and cleaner for people to breathe in. The use of both filtering systems makes the air purifier stronger and more effective. The Model Enviro Care is also convenient for its size and stylish design. The air cleaner requires little energy to run and is safe to be left on overnight. This unit has made it easier for families to breathe the air indoors.

Charlotte Knot from Macon, Georgia is one person who knows the power of Blueair's Enviro Care. Mrs. Knot lives with a full household of three sons, her husband and her husband's father. In order to keep all the residents happy and healthy, Mrs. Knot does a lot of laundry, cleaning and cooking. One of Mrs. Knot's sons, Brian, suffers from allergies and has trouble sleeping due to a runny nose and sore throat. Mrs. Knot's husband is a smoker and indulges in smoking his cigarettes in the evening in the living room. With a son so sensitive to allergens and a husband who smokes around the other residents of the house, Mrs. Knot knew she had an air pollution problem. Brian's allergies were not only acting up from his father's tobacco smoke, but he also experienced allergic reactions when Mrs. Knot used certain cleaning products or dust was apparent in the house. Mrs. Knot did some research on how to improve the quality of her indoor air and found out that a home air purifier is the best way to make the indoor air clean.

Mrs. Knot purchased a Blueair Model Enviro Care to help her with the air pollution problem. The Enviro Care was the best fit for Mrs. Knot's situation due to its effective hybrid technology and the size of room it was able to handle. The Model Enviro Care is equipped with a HEPA filter designed with large air holes. The larger air holes allow the air to flow through the filter easily. This creates a strong airflow and it also keeps the air cleaner very quiet while running even on the highest speeds. The combination of the HEPA filters with the electrostatic technology inside the air purifier makes it more effective at removing harmful contaminants from the air. The unit is able to attract particles and give them an electric charge, causing them to stick easier to the HEPA filter.

The Enviro Care by NeoAir uses only 50 watts of power to run. Mrs. Knot was able to leave the air cleaner running all night in order to clean out the tobacco smoke and other particles from the air while her son was sleeping. This kept the air clean through the night and left the air fresher smelling and free of any irritants in the morning when the family woke up. Since the unit weighs only 34 pounds, Mrs. Knot found it easy to move from one room to the other, wherever it may be needed. When her husband was enjoying a cigarette in the living room, she could easily move the purifier into that room in order to absorb the smoke. The home air purifier also comes with the option to add a SmokeStop filter. The SmokeStop filter is a filter that adds more activated carbon to the air purifier in order to absorb more smoke from the air. When Mrs. Knot chose to add the SmokeStop filter to her already powerful home air purifier, she was shocked to find that the smoke was no longer present in the room even after her husband had just put out a cigarette. The unpleasant odor of tobacco smoke was no longer in the air and the particles and allergens that were causing Brian to have sleepless nights were also absorbed and eliminated by Blueair's Model Enviro Care. Mrs. Knot found that the Model Enviro Care was the most effective and best choice of air purifier for her family.



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