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Air Purifiers address Daycare Issues

Air Purifiers:

Allerair 4000 Exec UV


Velva, North Dakota

Particles in the air can affect people who suffer from allergies and chemicals in the air can affect people with sensitivities to them. Bacteria and viruses that are present in the air, however, can affect all people that are exposed to them. Bacteria and viruses can enter the immune system and if someone's system is not able to fight off the bacteria, the person may experience sickness due to the presence of the particles. People who have weak immune systems are more likely to experience a sickness due to breathing in these bacteria or viruses that can be present in indoor air. There are many models of air purifiers that focus mainly on eliminating bacteria and viruses from the indoor air. They have special filtering systems that can allow them to target and eliminate these particles from the air before anyone inside the room is exposed to them. Allerair's 4000 Exec UV is one air-purifying model that specializes in removing these harmful particles from the air.

Lynne Hargraves from Velva, North Dakota is one customer of Allerair who has realized the effectiveness of the 4000 Exec UV. She owns a building where she
runs a daycare. She deals with 50 to 60 children in one room in a day. The children have a small indoor playground, indoor clubhouse and many arts and crafts activities that they can participate in everyday. The children share many toys and often touch the same surfaces. With so many children in one room playing with the same materials, it is evident that germs are easily spread from one child to the next. When a child is sick and sneezes, the bacteria that is airborne from that sneeze is easily transferred to another child. If the bacteria are airborne, it is able to breathed in by anyone who is present in the room. She was finding that the playroom of her daycare was a home to many viruses and bacteria due to all the children being present together. When one child came into the daycare sick, it was evident that the other children in the daycare would soon experience the same symptoms of sickness that the child started with. Children with allergies who experienced symptoms inside the playroom of the daycare were also a mess for her to deal with. The children who experienced these symptoms often had runny noses and watery eyes. They were easily spreading germs with their runny noses as well.

In order to stop the spreading of the airborne germs and to stop the allergic attacks the children were experiencing, Mrs. Hargraves researched air purifiers and purchased one for her playroom in the daycare. She purchased the 4000 Exec UV by Allerair due to its advanced technology and effectiveness. The air purifier is able to clean a room up to 1200 square feet in size so it can handle the large size of the playroom. 4000 Exec UV air purifiers have the same as the 4000 Exec air purifiers with an extra filter that specializes in removing bacteria and viruses from the air. These air purifiers contain an ultraviolet light inside the units that is able to sterilize any airborne bacteria that it may find in the indoor air. The flow of air into the unit passes through the first filters and then is drawn through the 10-watt lamp. By passing through the lamp, the bacteria, viruses and mold are destroyed from the air. The unit then releases clean, fresh and bacteria-free air.

After using the Allerair 4000 Exec UV, Mrs. Hargraves has found the air in the playroom in her daycare to be fresher and cleaner. Not only have her and the children experienced fresher smelling air, but they also don't get sick as easily. When a child is sick at the daycare, the sickness no longer spreads from child to child like it did before. There have also been no more allergic attacks by the children since the air purifier has been running. She is extremely pleased with her Allerair 4000 Exec UV due to its ability to clean the air of harmful bacteria. It has been an asset to the daycare and has made a lot of parents very happy to be bringing home healthy and happy children at the end of the day. It is wonderful when air purifiers can change lives.



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