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Air Purifiers address Dog Allergies

Issue: Dog Allergies
Air Purifiers: Austin Air Pet Machine
Location: Mystic, Connecticut

Austin Air Purifier Pet Machine are proven and effective air purifiers. These air purifiers use High Efficiency Particulate Air filter, or HEPA filter. This filter is proven to remove many particles such as pollen or dust from the air. The Austin Air Pet Machine also includes a carbon mat that can eliminate chemicals and odors from the air before it even passes through the HEPA filter. With the combination of these two filters, the air that is released from the Austin Air Pet Machine is free of toxins, particles, odors and chemicals. With the use of the Austin Air Pet Machine, indoor air is left clean and fresh. The Austin Air Pet Machine is perfect for people who may suffer from mild allergies or asthma. It can absorb and eliminate particles in the air that may trigger asthmatic or allergic attacks.

Austin Air Pet Machine became a lifesaver for the Chestnut family from Mystic, Connecticut. The Chestnuts have three children and three dogs and live in a five-bedroom house. The dogs are allowed to roam around the house and are considered part of the family. The Chestnut family's youngest son, Michael, has mild allergies, however, and the dogs sometimes bring on these allergic attacks. Michael seems to get a stuffy nose, watery eyes and sneeze attacks when the dogs enter his room. This wouldn't be a problem except that Michael's favorite dog, Bruno, loves to sleep in his bed at night with him. Michael loves the dog but pays the consequences of being allergic to his pet dander. Michael often has trouble sleeping if Bruno sheds too much. He experiences his symptoms during the night and wakes up feeling groggy and tired. The Chestnuts knew there had to be some type of solution to Michael's allergy problems. He would be completely crushed if they didn't allow Bruno to sleep with him anymore so they knew there had to be some other way for him to have a good night's sleep.

The Chestnuts heard about the Austin Air Pet Machine air purifiers from a family friend. They knew the price was right for how effective these air purifiers were so they soon purchased one. The Austin Air Pet Machine was perfect for Michael's room because it is able to clean a space up to 540 square feet in size. The Austin Air Pet Machine in air through the vents and the air is first pushed through the carbon mat. The odors and chemicals are eliminated from the air with the activated carbon. The air is then drawn through the HEPA filter. In this stage of the filtering, the particles and pet dander that Michael is sensitive to is eliminated from the air. The HEPA filter also eliminates dust and pollen particles that may also be present in the air. The air is then taken from the HEPA filter and pushed out the top vents in the air purifier and into the air of the room. These air purifiers are small in stature and able to be placed in the corner of Michael's room without taking up too much room. The Chestnuts were also able to choose the perfect color of air purifier to match Michael's room. The unit is not an eyesore in his room, but it looks stylish with a high quality design.

Once the Austin Air Pet Machine was placed in Michael's room, Michael saw a world of difference. He kept the unit running at nighttime when Bruno usually came in and slept in his bed. The air inside Michael's room was no longer full of pet dander and hair that Bruno had shed. The air was now clean-smelling and fresh. It did not contain the harmful particles and dander that made Michael have his allergic reactions. Michael was able to sleep easier and more soundly, even with Bruno right by his side. There were no more sneezing fits or stuffy noses. When Michael awoke in the morning, he now felt refreshed and was no longer tired from waking up at night. The family noticed the change in Michael and they know that Austin Air Pet Machine was the best choice of air purifier for Michael's room. Air purifiers truly help.



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