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Air Purifiers Help in a Dog Grooming Shop

Air Purifiers: Air Free Platinum and Onyx Sterilizers
Location: Oviedo, Florida

People are exposed to different odors and chemicals on a daily basis. Although most of these odors and chemicals are harmless, if someone is exposed to them on a regular basis for an extended period of time, these chemicals or odors can become irritants. Chemical fumes in indoor air can cause some people to have reactions such as a scratchy throat or watery eyes. Some people experience symptoms such as dizziness or headaches. These symptoms can be avoided with the use of air purifiers. An air purifier is able to remove the harmful chemicals and unpleasant odors from indoor air and can make it easier for people inside to breathe without experiencing troublesome reactions. The Platinum and Onyx Sterilizers air purifier from Air Free is a unit that specializes in the removal of these odors and chemicals from the air.

A lot of people have experienced the efficiency of the Platinum and Onyx Sterilizers in their homes and businesses. Raymond Harmon from Oviedo, Florida has seen for himself firsthand just how effective the Platinum and Onyx Sterilizers can be. Mr. Harmon owns a dog grooming shop in the city. He does a great job with the animals and his shop has become very popular and is always booked. Mr. Harmon and his workers spend most of their day in a large backroom with many tubs. They are constantly washing and grooming dogs from 9 am to 5 pm daily. Mr. Harmon and the workers who are suppressed in the backroom all day are exposed to unpleasant odors from dirty dogs. They also breathe in the chemicals that are used on the dogs. The chemicals from the shampoos and flea and tick removers can circulate through the air inside the backroom. These chemical fumes can cause Mr. Harmon and his workers to experience headaches and dizziness. The different kinds of pet dander that circulated through the room from the dogs also cause Mr. Harmon and the workers to experience a runny nose or watery eyes from time to time. The workers often have to walk out to the front of the store every few minutes to escape from the odors and fumes in the back bathing room. With so many fumes, chemicals and odors, Mr. Harmon knew he had to do something about the air quality in the backroom in order to keep his workers and himself healthy. He investigated air purifiers.

Mr. Harmon purchased the Platinum and Onyx Sterilizers after reviewing the many HEPA air purifiers available.  He decided that this system would help him solve his problem of dirty air in the backroom. The Platinum and Onyx Sterilizers was the perfect choice for his problem due to its effectiveness and power. These air purifiers are able to clean a room up to 650 square feet in size. The backroom of Mr. Harmon's dog grooming shop is fairly large but the Platinum and Onyx Sterilizers would be able to handle that size of a room with no problem. The Platinum and Onyx Sterilizers contains all of the effective and technologically advanced filters that the AirFree air purifiers contain. Mr. Harmon's backroom now smelled fresh and clean even though it was still full of dogs and chemicals. The Platinum and Onyx Sterilizers easily removed the pet dander with its HEPA filter. Mr. Harmon and his workers no longer had to deal with the unpleasant smells of the dogs and the chemicals.

With the use of the Platinum and Onyx Sterilizers, Mr. Harmon and his workers experienced fresh and chemical-free air in the backroom of the shop. They no longer had to take breaks for fresh air in the front room of the shop. The AirFree now kept the backroom clean and free of pet dander, fumes and odors. The environment for Mr. Harmon and his workers is now safe and clean from all contaminants with the help of air purifiers.



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