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Air Purifier addresses Dust and Dander

Air Purifier:

Austin Air Healthmate


Dayton, Ohio

There are many different types of air purifiers on the market these days that use different technologies in order to filter air. Some of these technologies are proven very effective and some are proven to not be useful at all. One of the most useful technologies and the most classic type of filtering system that is used in many air purifiers is the HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is able to efficiently remove particles from the air such as pet dander and pollen. When the air flows through the system, the HEPA filter catches these particles and absorbs them into the filter. The air that is released from the air purifier is then cleaned of these harmful particles. Austin Air Purifier Healthmate is an air cleaner that is designed with the classic HEPA technology. This model of air purifier is proven to be effective and efficient and can be an asset for people who take clean and quality indoor air seriously.

Rachel Huffman of Dayton, Ohio owns a Model Air Shield after many years of living with dirty indoor air. Ms. Huffman works in a horse stable but spends most of her time in a small office next to the stable. She takes phone calls, books clients, and schedules riding lessons, answers the phone and takes care of the finances for the stable. Ms. Huffman loves her job in the office. She appreciates the freedom of being able to walk out of the office into a beautiful stable with the horses. Although her job is very rewarding, Ms. Huffman finds it hard to keep her office space clean and free of dust particles. She has mild allergies and with all the dust and particles floating around in her office, Ms. Huffman often had allergic reactions at work. She had to keep a box of tissues on her desk at all times for her uncontrollable sneezing. Her sneezing fits often happened when she breathed in the pet dander from the horses' coats. The pollen and dirt from outside often found it's way into Ms. Huffman's office and circulated through the indoor air. The dust and dirt was so thick, it built up on her desk and computer in the office. Although Ms. Huffman was sure to clean her office and dust it on a daily basis, the dust and dirt always came back due to the location of the office being so close to the stable.

In order to solve the dirt, dust, pollen and pet dander problem in her office, Ms. Huffman purchased an Austin Air Healthmate air purifier. This air purifier was Ms. Huffman's top choice due to its affordability and efficiency. The Austin Air Healthmate is also equipped with a carbon mat that the air flows through first once it enters the machine. The carbon mat is designed to first remove odors and chemicals from the air that enters the unit. Then the air passes through the HEPA filter, which eliminates all the harmful particles, dusts and pollen from the air. Once the air is finished being filtered through the system, the air purifier releases it into the air through the vents at the top of the unit.

After running the Austin Air Healthmate in her office, Ms. Huffman has noticed a change in the quality of her indoor air. The office air is now crisp and fresh smelling since beginnig the air cleaning. She no longer can see the dust particles floating through the air. When Ms. Huffman cleans and dusts her office, she also notices that the office stays cleaner a lot longer since the air purifier is eliminating the airborne dust particles from the air. Ms. Huffman doesn't have to buy her tissues in bulk anymore because she hasn't suffered a sneezing fit in her office since she purchased the Austin Air Healthmate. She is impressed with the unit's lack of noise while running and can leave it on all day long without being bothered. Ms. Huffman now can enjoy her time in the office without having to worry about the quality of the air she is breathing.



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