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Air Purifier:

Air Free Platinum P1000 and P2000


Ashland, Nebraska

The most effective model that can handle the largest room by Air Free is the Model Platinum P1000 and P2000. The Platinum P1000 and P2000 carries the same high efficiency motor and filtering systems as the other models produced by Air Free. The hybrid technology of the purifier includes the HEPA filter and electrostatic charging technology. With these two technologies combined, it's no wonder the Model Platinum P1000 and P2000 is so powerful and able to hand such a large square footage of space. The Air Free Platinum P1000 and P2000 is perfect for a big family room or a business. There are many public places that are choosing to incorporate air purifiers into their everyday tasks. The public and owners of businesses know the importance of quality indoor air and air purifiers inside businesses and home have become almost a necessity to many people.

William Short of Ashland, Nebraska knows the importance of indoor quality air in his business. Mr. Short owns an online cleaning product company. His website sells many different types of powerful household and commercial cleaners. His customers can make their order online and have it shipped to their door. The warehouse that holds all of the cleaning supplies is always full of workers who are testing products to be sure of their effectiveness and packing boxes with the orders that were made. The workers inside the warehouse often had to go outside for a breath of fresh air due to all the chemicals that were present inside the room. Once the chemical fumes were airborne, they circulated throughout the air in the warehouse and had nowhere to escape from the tightly sealed room. The workers inside the warehouse had to deal with these fumes and breathe them in. Some workers complained of headaches or a scratchy throat. There were many workers in the warehouse that complained of dizziness and a runny nose. All of these symptoms were due to the chemical fumes the workers were being exposed to up to eight hours a day. Mr. Short knew he had to find a way to make the air inside the warehouse clean and free of toxins. He tried simply leaving the doors open but that only worked for a few days when the temperature outside was bearable and the bugs weren't flying inside the warehouse. He needed to shop for air purifiers.

Mr. Short finally heard about air purifiers and started shopping around for one powerful enough to handle his massive warehouse. He found Air Free's Model Platinum P1000 and P2000 to suit his needs. Once the Air Free Platinum P1000 and P2000 was installed in the warehouse, the workers were able to spend the whole day working inside the warehouse without having to take a break outside. The air inside was fresher and cleaner and had no more chemical fumes circulating. The workers did not experience any reactions to the chemicals and were found to be healthier now that the air purifier was in place. The Model Platinum P1000 and P2000 is able to clean a room that is up to 679 square feet effectively and efficiently. Air Free was able to achieve stronger air purifiers by designing a higher flowing cabinet in which the air could flow more freely from the unit. The air purifiers are also equipped with a high efficiency motor that allows the airflow to be very high. The circulation of the air through the room is faster due to the efficiency of the motor. Mr. Short found that although the unit is so incredibly powerful, it was still very quiet. He was able to leave it on a high setting all day and a low setting all night in order to keep the indoor air quality high. His workers were not annoyed by the noise and did not have to yell over a loud motor noise in order to hear each other. The Model Platinum P1000 and P2000 stayed relatively quiet, even when it was on the highest setting where these air purifiers make a calming white noise.

Mr. Short's warehouse is now clean and healthy for his workers. It has become a happy and pleasant work environment for everyone at the warehouse. Mr. Short no longer had to deal with complaints of dizziness from his workers. The productivity inside the warehouse has increased due to the good air quality. Workers don't need to take a break every few minutes in order to breathe in fresh air outside. Now that fresh air is provided throughout the warehouse for them thanks to the Air Free Model Platinum P1000 and P2000.



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