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Home Air Purifier addresses New Home Chemicals

Air Purifier:

Austin Air Purifier Healthmate Plus


Los Angeles, California

When a home is newly built, there are many contaminants that can be present in the indoor air. Formaldehyde is a chemical that is used by many homebuilders because of its bonding ability. There are many products inside new homes where formaldehyde is used because it is a less expensive compound. However, formaldehyde can outgas inside a home for years on end. It can be present inside the indoor air of the home for many years, causing the residents of the home to breathe it in and possibly causing them problems or reactions without air purification. Mold is also a condition that can happen in newer homes. Mold can grow when there is dampness present inside the home. Mold spores can then become airborne and cause the residents of the home to breathe them in as well. These mold spores can also cause people to experience reactions or even respiratory problems. Austin Air Purifier Healthmate Plus is one model of home air purifier that is able to remove these harmful toxins from the indoor air and release clean and fresh-smelling air into the home.

When Allen Jeffries of Los Angeles, California purchased his home, he did not take any chances with the quality of his indoor air. Mr. Jeffries purchased a large home with a living room that was grand in size as well. He heard horror stories of mold and formaldehyde and how it can affect the respiratory system. Mr. Jeffries makes his living as a professional athlete so he had to be careful with the quality of his air. He was always very careful when it came to his health. Mr. Jeffries always ate correctly and worked out and he felt having clean air is just as important for the health of his body as these other tasks that he was so careful to perform. He knew in his research that the best way to rid his new home of these contaminants in the air would be with the purchase of an efficient air purifier. After seeing the size of his living room, however, he was concerned that he would not be able to find a home air purifier that was strong enough to handle all of the air in such a large room.

Once Mr. Jeffries shopped around, he found that Austin Air Purifier Healthmate Plus was the perfect air purifier for his situation. The Austin Air Purifier Healthmate Plus is able to clean the air in a room that is up to 1500 square feet in size. The unit is equipped with 18 pounds of activated carbon. This activated carbon is the compound that is able to absorb the formaldehyde and the mycotoxins from the mold spores in the air. The activated carbon that the home air purifier includes is also able to eliminate harmful chemicals that may be present in the air such as ammonia, sulfur dioxide, toluene, methylene chloride and the dangerous chemicals that are present in tobacco smoke. The Austin Air Purifier Healthmate Plus also contains the usual filters that are able to remove particles and dust from the air.

After the purchase of his Austin Air Purifier Healthmate Plus, he was very happy with his decision. He immediately placed the home air purifier in his large living room in order to be assured that the air he was breathing inside was healthy and pure. The Austin Air Purifier Healthmate Plus was so effective at removing the formaldehyde and mold spores form his new home's indoor air that Mr. Jeffries was not even affected by any smells or any reactions to any of the chemicals that may have been used while building his home. He purchased the Austin Air Purifier Healthmate Plus in the sandstone color and it blended in perfectly with the walls of his living room. With such a unique design, the Austin Air Purifier Healthmate Plus was never an eye sore in the living room of his modernly designed home.

Mr. Jeffries was able to roll the Austin Air Purifier Healthmate Plus into his bedroom at night and keep it running while he slept due to the convenient rolling casters that the unit is equipped with. After purchasing the Austin Air Purifier Healthmate Plus, He does not worry about the quality of his indoor air. He knows he will stay healthy even if they might have used possibly dangerous chemicals to put together his home.



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