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Air Purifiers Help with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Air Purifiers: Austin Air, Healthmate Junior Plus
Location: Alexandria, Kentucky

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is a condition that many people suffer from in their everyday lives. People living with the condition experience sensitivity to chemicals that they can be exposed to on a regular basis. The condition can cause these people to experience reactions such as headaches, dizziness or sneezing. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a condition that Austin Air had in mind when they designed the Healthmate Junior Plus. This model of air purifier caters to those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and is able to eliminate the chemicals from the air that these suffers may be sensitive to. Not only does the Healthmate Junior Plus eliminate these chemical fumes from the air, it also is equipped with a powerful HEPA filter that is able to deliver the performance of a regular air purifier. The model is able to eliminate harmful particles and contaminants as well as chemicals from indoor air.

The importance of clean indoor air can often be overlooked. For a person suffering from MCS, the quality of the indoor air can make either a good day or a bad day. Kent Farmer from Alexandria, Kentucky suffers from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and has found relief from his condition with the Healthmate Junior Plus. Mr. Farmer works in a financial office, which people would consider to be safe for his condition. Most offices have fairly clean air and should not be exposed to any toxic chemicals. The most chemically exposed places may include manufacturing plants or beauty salons but no one would think an office would contain any chemicals that would be considered irritating. He was finding, however, that his office was not free from all chemicals and he was having many reactions on a daily basis. Cleaning supplies that were used in the office irritated his throat and eyes. Some fumes from co-workers perfumes or hygiene products also had an affect on Mr. Farmer's health. He was having trouble getting any work done due to the reactions to the chemicals present in the office. He investigated air purifiers on the web.

Mr. Farmer decided to purchase an Austin Air product to aid him in keeping the air inside his office free of contaminants and chemicals. Mr. Farmer chose the Healthmate Junior Plus from Austin Air because of its small stature and specific design. Healthmate Junior air purifiers are equipped with elements that specialize in ridding the air of chemicals. These air purifiers have all the regular and effective elements that a normal air purifier has in order to rid the indoor air of toxins, particles and contaminants. It is also equipped with potassium iodide. The potassium iodide is added to the activated carbon-zeolite. This compound is able to absorb and eliminate any chemicals or fumes from the air. These air purifiers contain six pounds of this media in order to ensure optimal performance and adsorption of the chemicals.

The Healthmate Junior Plus was the best choice for Mr. Farmer not only for its effectiveness but also for its size. The unit is 16.5 inches in height and 11 inches wide. With such a small stature, the unit can be placed in the office without taking up too much free space. The unit can be set on different fan speeds and Mr. Farmer can even leave the air purifier to run during the night so that his office will be chemical-free in the morning. Healthmate Junior Plus air purifiers weigh 18 pounds and can be moved to different places in the offices if need be. When Mr. Farmer has a meeting in a different room or has to do his work in a different place, he is able to transport the unit with him and breathe fresher air in another room.

Mr. Farmer has found relief from his condition by using the Healthmate Junior Plus. With its specific attention to the symptoms of MCS, Austin Air has developed these air purifiers to deal with this condition. He is now able to concentrate on his work in the office instead of his symptoms. With the air purifier running, Mr. Farmer can breathe fresh and safe air and not worry about having reactions to any chemicals. Thanks to the Healthmate Junior Plus, He no longer has let his Multiple Chemical Sensitivity rule his work life. Air purifiers can often be prescribed by a Doctor for this condition and paid for by your health insurance.



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