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Air Purifiers address Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MSC)

Air Purifiers:

Austin Air Purifier


Austin, Texas

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) can be an annoying and frustrating condition. There are many people that suffer from this condition and have to deal with its consequences and symptoms on a regular basis. When certain chemicals are breathed in, people who suffer from MCS can experience reactions such as a runny nose, watery eyes, sore throat, nausea, dizziness or a headache. Some reactions to these chemicals can be rather severe, causing a person to have to take a moment to recuperate. Some reactions can be minor, simply causing a stuffy nose or uncomfortable feeling but these reactions can still be annoying to people who are trying to live a normal life. People who suffer from chemical reactions to certain chemicals in indoor air have found that Austin Air Purifier Healthmate Plus is one of the most effective air purifiers for them. The Austin Air Purifier Healthmate Plus focuses on a select few chemical fumes in the air to destroy and eliminate them.

Claudia Moss from Austin, Texas is a person suffering from MCS. She has found that her apartment is one of the places that she has most of her reactions. She owns a small apartment that she keeps spotlessly clean. She lives with two cats, which she knows may be the culprits for some of her attacks. However, Ms. Moss loves her pets and her apartment so she searched for a solution to make the air inside her apartment more tolerable. Ms. Moss first did some research and observation of her daily life in her apartment. After observing her daily habits, she soon found out that the chemicals that might be causing her the sensitivities are the cleaning products she is using to keep her apartment so spotless. Ms. Moss uses many products that contain ammonia, such as her glass cleaner. Since Ms. Moss realized ammonia might be a chemical that causes her reactions, she looked around her apartment for other things that may contain ammonia. She soon realized that her cat litter box may also be exposing her to ammonia. Cat urine contains ammonia, which can easily enter the air inside her apartment and expose her to the chemical.

In order to make her indoor air safe and free from ammonia, Ms. Moss purchased a Austin Air Purifier Healthmate Plus. The unit was perfect for her situation due to its focus on eliminating chemicals such as ammonia, amines and ammonia-derived odors. The Austin Air Purifier Healthmate Plus is an air purifier that removes particles from the air that may contain ammonia and it can also eliminate the odor that ammonia can cause the air to have when it is present. The particulate filter is able to eliminate 97% of all particles in the air that are 0.03 microns and larger. Not only can the regular filter eliminate these particles, but also the air purifier is also equipped with specialty filters to eliminate the chemicals from the air.

Austin Air Purifier Healthmate Plus air purifiers contain a regular pre filter system and also is designed to include four filter cartridges. The filter cartridges contain gas phase media that assists the air purifier in targeting ammonia and removing it form the air. .

Ms. Moss can now relax in her apartment with her two cats without dealing with her condition, she researched air purifiers and bought one that works. Her MCS is not a factor for her when she is at home with her Austin Air Purifier Healthmate Plus running. These air purifiers are able to eliminate the ammonia from the air. She can even clean her bathroom with all of her cleaning products and does not experience a chemical reaction as long as her air purifier is running. She has the flexibility of setting the unit on different speeds and is able to leave the unit on during the night. She has found that these air purifiers are very quiet and powerful and she has seen a significant change in the quality of the air inside her apartment. Although she may have to deal with her condition while in public, she has comfort knowing that her apartment is chemical-free. Air purifiers can change your life.



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