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Home Air Purifier addresses New Home Chemicals

Air Purifier:

Second Wind Model 2000 UV


Park Falls, Wisconsin

There are many harmful chemicals in indoor air that can cause people to experience symptoms of chemical sensitivity. Some people can feel lightheaded or nauseous when they breathe in these chemicals from the air. Chemicals can be present in a lot of indoor air including the air in residences or businesses without clean air technology or air purification systems. Chemicals that can be present and can cause these symptoms in people if breathed in include ammonia, formaldehyde, mold toxins and tobacco smoke. A lot of people can experience sensitivity to these chemicals when they are exposed to them in an enclosed area. There are also many people who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. The sufferers of this condition are very sensitive to many chemicals they can be exposed to on a regular basis. These people often feel the symptoms of being exposed to these chemicals even if it is only for a short period of time or only a small amount of the chemical.

The best way to keep the indoor air free of chemicals is with a home air purifier. The Second Wind Model 2000 UV air purifier is a machine that is able to keep the air free of these chemicals. This unit was found to be a perfect fit for the Clark family of Park Falls, Wisconsin. They had just bought a beautiful and newly constructed home. They were excited to move into the home but noticed when they got there that it had a certain smell to it. They learned that the smell that was present in the home was formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is generally used in the making of new homes and can be present in the air of a home after it is newly constructed. The smell was not only unpleasant for the family but it also was found to make them experience some uncomfortable symptoms if they spent too much time in the house. The family felt a little lightheaded and suffered from headaches from the presence of the chemical in their home. When the family spent the first few days inside the home unpacking boxes and felt the symptoms of having the chemical present in the air, they knew they needed a solution to have cleaner air.

The family shopped around for home HEPA air purifiers the next day and found that the Second Wind was the perfect unit for their situation. They bought the air purifier and had it up and running as soon as they got home. The Model 2000 UV was able to clear the whole room of the chemical because it can handle and clean a house up to 5000 square feet in size. It was able to eliminate the chemical in the air due to the technology used in the unit that targets chemicals. The home air purifier is equipped with the regular and effective HEPA filter that the other models are designed with. It also has the extra ability to absorb and eliminate harmful chemicals from the air that may cause chemical sensitivity symptoms. The air purifier is a small model so it is able to sit in the room without being noticed or taking up too much space. The Model 2000 UV home air purifier uses only 95 watts of power when placed on a high setting so the Clark family was able to leave the unit running overnight. When they entered the living room in the morning to continue the daunting task of unpacking their possessions, they noticed the air was fresh and cleaner smelling. The odor of the chemicals no longer was intrusive in the living room and they were able to work in the room non-stop without being bothered by the smell of the chemicals.

After using the Model 2000 UV air purifier, they has found that their new home no longer has the unpleasant new-home smell. It smells fresh and clean throughout their home and they are able to enjoy their new surroundings. The family is very pleased with the quiet and effective performance that the Vocarb home air purifier does on a daily basis in their home. By running the air purifier in the living room, the whole process of unpacking all of their possessions was made easier for the Clark family. They were able to perform these tasks with fresh and clean air surrounding them.



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