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Air Purifier addresses Office, Chemical Exposure

Air Purifier:

Austin Air Healthmate


Birmingham, Alabama

Chemicals are present in people's everyday lives. Many people have certain sensitivities to these chemicals. When they breathe them in, they can cause unpleasant reactions. Chemicals can be present in workplaces, public places or in the home. Cleaning supplies, hygiene products and cooking products can sometimes contain chemicals that can be harmful or irritating to people when breathed in. There are also many careers that can place people in environments that may not always be chemical-free. There are many government or investigation careers that may expose employees to certain chemicals that can be irritating. There are also many manufacturing plants that package chemicals for use. These manufacturing plants may also expose their employees to these chemicals that can be harmful to their health. For people who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, even if they have secure jobs in healthy environments, chemicals can still pose a problem to their health. As we will find, an air purifier can help.

One person who suffers from this condition is Jason Carter from Birmingham, Alabama. Mr. Carter has been sensitive to the exposure of chemicals since he was a little boy. He remembers experiencing reactions to different chemicals when he was a small boy in grocery stores or even movie theaters. He never felt safe wherever he was because he was afraid of being exposed to some type of chemical. Now that he is older and has a full-time job that he's been at for six years, he still does not feel comfortable. He knows how severe his reactions can be when he is exposed to chemicals. He often gets a sore throat, watery eyes and feels dizziness. In order to not have to take a chance at breathing in any type of chemical that could cause a reaction Mr. Carter chose to purchase an air purifier for his office.

Mr. Carter's office is very large so he knew he would need an air purifier that could handle a large space. He also needed an air purifier that could absorb all different types of chemicals. The building that his office is in is also home to a manufacturing plant that can sometimes leak chemicals into the air inside the building. He noticed the odors of the chemicals and knew his reactions would flare up if he didn't do something to keep the quality of the indoor air in his office. He also had problems with the cleaning products that the maids used overnight. When he came to his office in the morning, he could still smell the strong chemicals that were in the cleaning products. He often experienced reactions due to the chemicals fumes from those products as well.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, Mr. Carter chose the Austin Air Healthmate to keep his office air clean. The Austin Air Healthmate Sterilizer is able to eliminate 99.7% of particles in the air that are 0.03 microns in size and larger. The Austin Air Healthmate Sterilizer is also a very quiet air purifier even when it is on the highest setting. He is able to run the unit and not even notice that it is on. He is also able to keep the unit on overnight so that it can absorb all of the chemicals that may be in the air from the cleaning products that were used that night. When Mr. Carter enters his office in the morning, he no longer needs to be afraid of having a reaction. The air is fresh and clean smelling due to the Chemisorber air purifier.

After using the Austin Air Healthmate, He has realized what a difference an air purifier can make for someone with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. He always thought there was no hope for him and he would always live in fear of chemicals. However, with his confidence in the Chemisorber, he knows he can walk into his office without being worried. The air purifier is able to absorb and eliminate these chemical fumes from the air and he can breathe easier and safer at work for clean air.



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