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Air Purifiers address Pet Allergies

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Austin Air Pet Machine


Glendale, Arizona

Air purifiers can make a world of difference in a home. The residents that breathe the indoor air inside a home with air cleaners often experience less allergic reactions and sickness than residents of a home without air purification. An air purifier can eliminate odors, fumes and particles from the air that can irritate peoples' lungs or airways if breathed in. There are many types of contaminants that people are exposed to on a daily basis inside their homes. Indoor air can be more toxic than outdoor air and it can be the one place where people spend most of their time. Austin Air Pet Machine air purifiers are specifically designed to eliminate these contaminants from indoor air. By using hybrid technology, these air purifiers are efficient and able to absorb these toxins from the air and release fresh and clean air into the environment. Pet dander is one type of contaminant that can be an irritant to residents. The Austin Air Pet Machine addresses pet dander as a toxin to the air and is able to remove it from indoor air.

The Resier family from Glendale, Arizona is one family who has had to deal with the effects of pet dander. John Resier and his family own many pets that can make the house less than pleasant smelling. The pets also shed fur and hair around the house. This hair can become airborne and irritate the air passageways of people in the house who breathe them in. Anyone who is sensitive to pet dander may also find allergic reactions to having the pets present in the home. The Resier family loved all of their pets but got tired of dealing with the different smells and allergens that were constantly circulating in the air. The family owned three birds that were kept in the sitting room, two dogs, a cat and a hamster. This mixture of different odors and different dander circulating through the air became too much for the family to deal with. Not only was the smell and allergens in the air a burden to the family, but also the ammonia from the cat litter box and other types of waste from the animals could be hazardous to the family's health if breathed in for a period of time.

John Resier shopped for air purifiers and made the decision to add one to the house full of pets in order to keep the air indoors clean and safe for his family to breathe. After much research, Mr. Resier chose the Austin Air Pet Machine. He chose this model of air purifier for its effectiveness and efficiency. The model has the ability to clean a room up to 500 square feet. Since Austin Air Pet Machine air purifiers weigh only 5 pounds and was designed to sit on casters that allow them to roll, Mr. Reiser is able to move it from room to room if need be. When the family has company in the sitting room, Mr. Resier simply turns on the air purifier in that room and the odors from the living quarters of the three birds disappears.

These HEPA Austin Air Pet Machine air purifiers only used 95 watts of power to run and is very quiet when placed on the low setting. These benefits allow the family to leave the air purifier running during the night. When the family wakes up in the morning, they no longer smell the pets or sneeze from all the hair circulating throughout the house. The house is now left smelling clean and fresh. The air is free of pet dander and safe for the family to breathe in. When guests come to the Reiser home, they no longer have to deal with the stench of the numerous pets in the home. They scarcely are even aware that the family possesses so many pets because the air inside the home smells so clean and fresh.

The Resier family has found the solution to having clean and quality indoor air with the Austin Air Pet Machine. Austin Air Pet Machine air purifiers are an efficient air purifier that uses hybrid technology to keep the air free of pet dander, fur and odors from pets. Their home now feels clean and fresh due to the work of the Austin Air Pet Machine.



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