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Austin Air Healthmate Jr


Bayside, California

Electronic air purifiers are proven to be the most efficient and effective air cleaners in the industry. HEPA technology is also proven to be an efficient way that air purifiers can clean the air. When these two types of technology are combined, the effectiveness of the air purifier is remarkable. Austin Air Healthmate Jr has taken both of these technologies and combined them for an effective and efficient way to keep the indoor air clean. This hybrid technology is one of the most technologically advanced procedures in air cleaners that can be found in the industry today. The combination of the two technologies is a guarantee that the air cleaner will make the indoor air clean and fresh. The airflow rate and efficiency of the air purifier is also strengthened with the combination of these technologies. The Austin Air Healthmate Jr is the perfect air cleaner for a small space that needs to effectively be cleaned of odors and chemicals.

Raymond Samuels of Bayside, California has experienced the effectiveness and convenience of Austin Air Healthmate Jr. Mr. Samuels is a stay at home dad that spends most of his time at home. Since he breathes mostly the indoor air inside his home, he knows it is important that this air is free of allergens and particles. He knew his air had not achieved this perfection because he was constantly suffering from a stuffy nose or itchy eyes. All the odors and chemicals he was exposed to on a daily basis also annoyed him. Mr. Samuels not only was dealing with allergic reactions to the family pets and pollen or dust bunnies that may be airborne, he also dealt with the odors inside the home. When Mr. Samuels cleaned the bathrooms with a bleach-based cleaner, he experienced watery eyes and a scratchy throat. He also got a headache from having to breathe in the chemical fumes in the small bathroom while cleaning. He was tired of doing laundry in the small laundry room and smelling dirty socks and clothes while he sorted the laundry into the washer. When cooking dinner for the family in the kitchen, the chemical fumes from the cleaners as well as the cooking odors from burning oils or sliced onions were a nuisance to him.

Mr. Samuels finally got so fed up with his allergic reactions, daily odors and chemical fumes that he shopped around for HEPA air purifiers in order to clean the air inside his home. He chose to purchase Austin Air Healthmate Jr due to its efficiency and size. The Austin Air Healthmate Jr is different from other air purifiers due to its hybrid technology. The HEPA filter that is inside the air purifier is also different from a regular HEPA filter that most air purifiers are designed with. The Model Austin Air Healthmate Jr's HEPA filter has larger holes in order to make the airflow more efficient. The larger holes in the HEPA filter also help to reduce the noise that may be associated with an air purifier. There are electronic brushes in Austin Air Healthmate Jr that also aid the air purifier in cleaning the indoor air. These brushes are what charge the particles in the air before they pass through. The charge then attracts the particles to the HEPA filter. The Austin Air Healthmate Jr is efficiently able to eliminate odors, fumes, particles and allergens from the indoor air.

The Austin Air Healthmate Jr is small in size and only weighs 25 pounds. This size is convenient for Mr. Samuels situations. He was able to bring the Austin Air Healthmate Jr into whatever room he was working in. It was able to run in the kitchen with him while he cooked, in the bathroom while he cleaned and in the laundry room while he sorted laundry. By running Austin Air Healthmate Jr inside his home, He no longer experienced the allergic reactions to pet dander or dust that he had suffered from before. These air purifiers really work.

Austin Air Healthmate Jr made Mr. Samuel's days inside his home easier and fresher smelling. The efficiency and convenience of the small size of the Model Enviro makes it a perfect fit for many people. Austin Air Healthmate Jr air purifiers are lightweight but very powerful and can be used in a number of different situations in order to assure clean and fresh smelling air through air purification



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