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Home Air Purifier addresses Pets

Air Purifier:

Austin Air Pet Machine


Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Clean indoor air is an important part of people's lives. Many people who suffer from allergies or asthma can experience symptoms from their condition if they are exposed to contaminated indoor air. The air indoors is important to keep clean since most people spend their time indoors. The air is also trapped in an enclosed space to circulate so contaminated air can be stuck inside for the people in the room to breathe in. An effective air purifier is the best way to keep the indoor air clean and free of contaminants. If the indoor space is large, the best unit to use may be the Austin Air Purifier Pet Machine. This home air purifier is designed to absorb and eliminate particles and contaminants from the air in a large area. Many people with large spaces that need clean air have turned to the 5000 Exec to help them with their indoor air.

Jessica Sanders from Baton Rouge, Louisiana purchased a Pet Machine for use in her home. She feels she couldn't have made a wiser decision due to the efficiency and effectiveness that the air purifier is able to provide her. Mrs. Sanders lives in her home with her husband, two children, three dogs and two cats. The home is set up with a big great room in the middle of the home and the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen branched off of this big room. With so many pets roaming through the great room, it often had a certain unpleasant odor. The children were also sensitive to the pet dander of the pets inside the home. Mrs. Sanders tried her best to home-remedy the situation. She cleaned often and vacuumed and dusted to try and keep the pet dander and other dust particles under wraps. To an extent, keeping the home spotlessly clean curbed the children's allergic symptoms. However, the children still sometimes suffered from allergic reactions when the pet dander became too much for them to handle. The unpleasant odors of the pets could also not be scorched by simply keeping the house clean.

Mrs. Sanders did some research on her other options on keeping her home clean and she decided to purchase a home air purifier. After shopping around an comparing brands and models of air purifiers, Mrs. Sanders chose to purchase the Austin Air Pet Machine air purifier for her great room. The Pet Machine was able to clean a room up to 1500 square feet so the large great room would not be a problem for the machine. The Pet Machine is also equipped with extra activated carbon. The activated carbon is able to absorb and eliminate the odors from the pets that may be present in the air. The unit left the indoor air in Mrs. Sander's home fresh and clean smelling. Guests in the home didn't even know they had pets unless they were visible. The home air purifier is also designed to include a HEPA filter and a pre-filter. These filters can absorb the particles that can contaminate the indoor air. The allergens that were causing the children to experience allergic reactions are easily absorbed and eliminated by the 5000 Exec's powerful filters. Since the model is conveniently designed with rolling casters, Mrs. Sanders is able to put the model into her children's bedroom at nighttime in order to assure they will breathe in clean air.

After the purchase of the Pet Machine air purifier, the Sanders family enjoyed being in their great room. The family is able to relax in their room with all of the pets present and not worry about dander or dust circulating through the air. Mrs. Sanders was very proud of her purchase of Austin Air's Pet Machine because it has been very useful for the family. The children no longer experience allergic reactions to the pet dander or allergens in the air. When the family has company in the home, Mrs. Sanders no longer worries about the unpleasant odors that may be present from the pets. The family and their guests enjoy the fresh and clean air of the great room. With the use of the Pet Machine, the family can sit in the great room with clean and particle-free air. They are able to breathe easier and healthier.



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