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Air Purifier addresses Restaurant Odors and Chemicals

Air Purifier:

Austin Air Healthmate


Dallas, Texas

One of the most classic air purifier designs made by Austin Air is the Healthmate. The Healthmate uses the most modern and advanced technology in the industry and the most innovative design to deliver efficiently clean air. The Healthmate is able to rid the air of contaminants and particles that may be harmful if breathed in. Since people spend 90% of their time indoors, it is important that the indoor air that they are breathing is safe and healthy. Air purifiers have become very popular in homes and businesses in order to provide the residents and patrons with clean air in their indoor environment. The Healthmate by Austin Air is an air purifier that contains filters and mediums that can guarantee to clean indoor air and make it more pleasant to breathe.

The Healthmate by Austin Air has become a popular model of air purifier for restaurant owners. Keith Smith of Dallas, Texas is a restaurant and bar owner in downtown Dallas. He knows the importance of clean air inside a restaurant. There are many odors and chemicals that can be a nuisance to customers who may be trying to enjoy their meals. With the mixture of having a bar and a full-kitchen restaurant, Mr. Smith has joined together customers who want to enjoy a meal and customers who want to simply hang at the bar and have a drink. The fusion of these customers into the same room has caused a problem. The customers at the bar having drinks may also be smoking cigarettes or tobacco products that the customers enjoying their meals may not want to deal with. All of the customers present in the room may also have to deal with cooking odors from the kitchen. When the restaurant is cleaned, there are also fumes from the chemicals used in the cleaning products that may be present in the dining room or seating area of the restaurant. With so many different odors, chemicals and contaminants present in the indoor air, Mr. Smith knew he must figure out a way to keep the air inside his restaurant and bar clean and pleasant smelling.

Mr. Smith purchased an Austin Air Healthmate in order to help him with the odors and fumes inside the restaurant. After the presence of the air purifier, Mr. Smith noticed that customers no longer complained about the smoke from the bar or the cooking odors from the kitchen. The Austin Air Healthmate is equipped with 15 pounds of activated carbon-zeolite, which specializes in absorbing the odors and chemicals that may be present in indoor air. The unit is able to handle large rooms up to 1500 square feet, which makes it perfect for a large restaurant such as Mr. Smith's. The fan that is incorporated in the Healthmate is able to pump out clean air at 400 cubic feet per minute. The Healthmate is a low maintenance unit and is able to be vacuumed from the outside, making the filters inside last longer. The air purifier has different fan settings and can be left on all night in order to rid the air of the fumes from any cleaning products that may have been used to clean the restaurant that night.

Mr. Smith found the Healthmate to be the best choice for his restaurant because of the long life of the filters used in the unit. With so many other things to worry about replacing in his restaurant and bar, it was a relief for Mr. Smith to not have to think about replacing the filters in his air purifier frequently. The main filter inside the Healthmate is able to work efficiently for about 5 years before it needs to be replaced. The rest of the unit is easily cleaned and does not need to be replaced. This can cut down on Mr. Smith's annual costs to keep the purifier running.

Mr. Smith has found the solution to having different types of customers in the same room. By having clean and fresh air for his customers to breathe, he has made the environment in his restaurant more friendly and welcoming to customers. Austin Air's Healthmate effective removal of smoke and odors from the air has made the restaurant air easier and safer for the restaurant customers and workers to breathe in. Mr. Smith is excited for the new and healthy change in his restaurant and is happy to now have completely clean indoor air.



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