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Home Air Purifier addresses Trouble Sleeping

Air Purifier:

Austin Air, Bedroom Machine


Little Rock, Arkansas

Allergies are a common nuisance and condition that many people deal with all over the world without air cleaning. There are many different plants, climate, animals or temperatures that people may be allergic to. These allergies can cause allergic reactions, which can be as mild as a runny or stuffy nose and can be as severe as a loss of breath. The triggers for allergic reactions can be found in people's everyday lives, including inside their homes or offices. There are many particles and pollen spores in the indoor air that can cause allergic reactions in allergy sufferers. When Austin Air developed the Bedroom Machine, they had these allergy triggers and dangerous contaminants in mind. Austin Air developed this home air purifier specifically for allergy sufferers. It specializes in removing toxins from the air that can cause allergic reactions. This air purifier has become a vital part of many allergy sufferers' lives.

Melinda Howard of Little Rock, Arkansas has been an allergy sufferer since she was born. She has taken many different types of medications as prescribed by her doctor but was still suffering from allergic reactions throughout the day. Since Ms. Howard runs a home-based business of selling scrap-booking materials, she was spending most of her time in her home indoors. Ms. Howard had trouble sleeping due to her allergies. She often experienced sinus problems, breathing trouble and a stuffy or runny nose. These reactions kept her up at night and made her groggy during the day due to lack of sleep at night. During the day, Ms. Howard had trouble concentrating on her work. She suffered from itchy and burning eyes and a scratchy throat. Ms. Howard experienced different types of allergic reactions every time the season changed. During the winter, she had more sinus trouble. During the summer, her eyes were more the culprits of her pain. After a few years of suffering through these allergic reactions everyday, Ms. Howard was at her wits' end. One of Ms. Howard's clients suggested the Bedroom Machine home air purifier by Austin Air in order to help with her allergy problem.

Ms. Howard soon purchased the Bedroom Machine and is very thankful for the difference it made in her life. The Austin Air air purifier is equipped with a High Efficiency Gas Adsorption filter. This filter includes the strength and efficiency of a regular HEPA filter but also combines a military carbon cloth for extra absorbance. This extra compound added to the home air purifier makes the air purifier even more powerful when absorbing pollen, pet dander and other allergens or harmful particles in the air that may cause Ms. Howard to experience her chemical reactions. The Bedroom Machine is able to absorb odors and clean a room up to 1500 square feet. Ms. Howard found its efficiency perfect for her living room, which is where she spends most of her time. She also found that since the home air purifier only weighs 35 pounds, she was able to move it to whatever room she was working in. The Bedroom Machine could be moved into her bedroom at nighttime in order to help Ms. Howard sleep better. She left the fan inside the machine on a low setting during the nighttime and was able too experience a full night's sleep without any allergic reactions interrupting her sleep. The technology used in the Bedroom Machine was able to make the indoor air inside Ms. Howard's house clean and free of harmful particles.

Austin Air's Bedroom Machine gave Ms. Howard her peaceful nights and hard-working days back again. With the air purifier running, Ms. Howard did not experience any more allergic reactions while indoors. She no longer had to experiment with different medications or worry about the changing of the season. The advanced compounds and filters used in the Bedroom Machine were able to remove the harmful particles and dust inside Ms. Howard's house, which were causing her annoying and constant reactions. The allergens and spores that circulated the house so freely before were now trapped and absorbed by the powerful and efficient home air purifier. Thanks to Austin Air's dedication and innovative design, the Bedroom Machine is able to make customers who suffer from allergies breathe easier and deal with everyday indoor life in a safe environment.



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