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Air Purifiers -  News

Hello and welcome to Air Purifiers news page.  We hope that you will find the news we display to be informative.  We will address common problems and those associated with conditions like asthma and allergies. If you have an idea for a news article or an article that you would like to write please let us know.  We would love to have your input. 

Air purifier technology and the affects on contaminated air are being discovered in the news. The popularity of these systems can be attributed to the success of the industry. They have been brought into the spotlight and featured on many news programs, newspapers and magazines due to their ability to clean indoor air. Air purifier technology makes indoor air, whether it is in residences or commercial businesses, safer and healthier for people to breathe. They have become more popular for use in commercial businesses and in public places.

After the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, many of the residents of New York City were left devastated. The collapsing of the buildings and the materials inside the buildings made the air in New York City thick with smog. The quality of the air was brought down to a minimum due to the ashes and soot that were circulating throughout the city. When the World Trade Center was brought down, there was over 400,000 tons of rubble and steel that were removed from the site. The collapse of this amount of steel made toxins apparent in the air. The air was found to be full of sulfur dioxide, PCBs, dioxins and benzene along with many other harmful contaminants. When people are exposed to these types of toxins in the air that they breathe, they can experience headaches and dizziness. Some people can feel nauseous and people who already suffer from asthma or allergies may experience attacks.

The indoor air of the buildings around New York City was also found to have contaminated air due to the tragedy. New York City schools, restaurants and office buildings no longer contained healthy and safe air for residents to breathe. Residents and workers inside these buildings were starting to experience symptoms that are attributed to breathing in contaminated indoor air. The only way to clean this toxic indoor air was with air purifiers. The government and local businesses worked quickly to purchase and provide these public places with the air purifier technology they needed to become safe environments again. Many air purifying companies lent a hand in the process by donating air purifiers to the needy businesses. Most of the donated systems were given to the New York City schools so the children who attended these schools would be able to breathe safely during the day.

After much research and time trying to solve contaminated air problems, the government soon found that air purifiers were the best way to keep this problem under wraps. The government now requires air purifiers to be installed in Government Building HVAC systems. The government implemented this law in order to be sure that their buildings were free from mold and bacteria. In order to keep its workers safe and healthy, the government has imposed this law so the indoor air in their work environment is free of toxins. With the implementation of this law by the government, the public became aware of how important clean indoor air can be and how effective air purifiers are at keeping indoor air clean.

Air purifiers also took the spotlight in the news when the bird flu virus was becoming a concern to Japanese residents. This disease was airborne and was found to be easily contagious and passed between citizens. After research and experimentation, the Japanese government found that UV air purifier technology was the best way to keep the air indoors clean and free of bacteria and viruses that can cause the bird flu virus. Air purifiers were found to be 99% effective in removing the bird flu virus from the air. It was also found that air purifiers were able to eliminate 26 other kinds of bacteria and viruses that were present in the indoor air. Due to research and the discovery of air purifiers, Japan was able to offer its citizens a solution to the problem of the bird flu virus. Many citizens soon purchased air purifiers in order to breathe easier and safer indoors.

Air purifiers are used in many residences to help the home inhabitants who may be sensitive to chemicals or suffer from asthma or allergies. They are also used to eliminate odors and chemical fumes that may irritate some people and cause negative physical reactions. Air purifiers also are now used in many commercial businesses such as manufacturing plants, beauty salons and restaurants. They are able to keep the indoor environment in these businesses fresh smelling and free of toxins. Due to their use by the government and in other situations, air purifiers have become more popular and have become spotlighted in the media.

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