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Ultra-Pure Model 899

583 sq.ft.
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home air purifier
ionic breeze air purifier
Second Wind Model 2018
Home Air Purifier
1500-2500 sq. ft 115v
Ionic Air Purifier
oreck air purifier
ionic air purifier
Airfree Platinum 2000

550 sq.ft.
Hepa Air Purifier oreck air purifier
uv air purifier
Austin Healthmate Jr.

700sq. ft.
UV Air Purifier oreck air purifier
uv air purifier
AllerAir 4000 Exec UV Air Purifier

1200sq. ft.
Hepa Air Purifier
uv air purifier
NeoAir Enviro Care

450sq. ft.

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Recently you installed a "Second Wind Air Purifier," in our home. It has made a remarkable difference in the quality of the air and has cut order, such as pets and cigarette smoke... More Ionic Air Purifier Testimonials

Our new Second Wind air purifier system has eliminated the "Dental Office Smell" associated with dental practices... More UV Air Purifier Testimonials

About 4 years ago I built a new wooden frame house. About 3 months after moving in, I noticed mold & mildew growing around the window frames in the bathrooms. I installed your Second Wind 2000 Model and haven't had problems since... Air Purifier Review

We would like to let you know how pleased we are with the Second Wind Air Purifier we had installed a few months ago. Immediately after installation we noticed a big difference with regards to cigarette smoke, dust, and pollen in the air. The air was noticeably cleaner... Testmonials- Electronic air cleaners and ionic air purifier

I just had to write you to tell you I received on of your purifiers and it WORKS WONDERS! I've had Bronchial asthma all of my life. I'll be 44 this year. My lungs have always been week but, but now they are strong because of you. Thank you! Home air purifier - Compare air purifiers

My 6 year old daughter has numerous allergies - dust, pollen, fungus, smoke, cats, dogs, to name a few. Along with her allergies she also has asthma. Since we put the unit in her room her dependence on her puffers has decreased dramatically. Now only uses her medicine periodically when she has been sick. I just want to say thank for changing her life! Full Testimonials

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Air Purifier Information

Applications of Air Purifiers: The real key to addressing any Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issue is the removal of the source of the pollutant or irritant if possible. We understand that if you love your cat to which you are allergic you have to deal with the dander but, if you are allergic to mold spores your first step is to either remove the source yourself or have it addressed professionally. Secondly, if you have a whole house forced air system you need to make sure that your system is well maintained and that the filter is a high quality one that is changed regularly. Now that you understand the basic types of air purifiers and the ground rules for IAQ we can address air purifier applications.

UV Air Purifiers - Ultraviolet Air Treatment Systems destroy airborne germs and prevent mold spore growth and is the best solution for allergy relief, odor problems, and much more!. UV technology has a history that spans a century. It has been proven to work in many industries including hospital clean rooms. Now it technology is available for use in your home. Second Wind is the top UV Air Purifier brand on the market today! Click here to learn more.

Hepa Air Purifiers & HEPA Air Cleaners -The HEPA air purifiers were originally developed during World War II to prevent discharge of radioactive particles from nuclear reactor facility exhausts. They have since become a vital technology in industrial, medical, and military clean rooms and have grown in popularity for use in portable residential air cleaners. Click here to view our full range of Hepa air Purifiers.

Ozone-Free Air Purifiers - Every Air Purifier we offer is ozone free!Learn about the study the Environmental Protection Agency did on Ozone Air Purifiers, whose manufacturers, according to the EPA, mislead the public into believing they are safe. The report reveals they are not even effective as air purifiers. Many companies tout “ozone generators” as the best thing for indoor air pollution. This is not the best way to purify indoor air…See why UV Air Purifiers are the best!

Mold Remediation - There has been a dramatic increase nationwide in concern about mold and health effects. The term "mold" describes more than a million species of microscopic fungi which grow on wet organic matter. When excess moisture is present mold problems can spread and proliferate rapidly. Mold spores are everywhere, including the indoor environment. Under favorable conditions, spores germinate and mold colonies grow and multiply. UV Air sterilization like that offered by Second Wind is your best defenese aganist mold spore. Molds can produce a variety of allergenic substances, odorous chemicals, and toxic metabolites. When it multiplies and spreads indoors, high levels of mold can cause a spectrum of health effects to include Hearing loss, Vomiting, Memory loss, and Asthmatic lungs. AirFree & NeoAir units are both certified to effective at removing mold! Find Out More!

Asthma Air Purifiers - It is no coincidence that asthma cases have increased by more than 100% over the past 20 years. Or that death rates have tripled since 1976. Or that the number one reason for emergency room visits in Canada last year was for asthma. The fact is, worsening asthma cases have coincided with the emergence of the indoor air quality epidemic. As the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns us, indoor air quality has become the nation's number one environmental health problem. It may be a more serious health problem than outdoor air pollution! The top of the line air purifiers for this are the Austin Air Purifier HealthMate Plus or HealthMate Plus Junior, Second Wind family, or the Allerair VoCarb air purifiers. If there is no concern about chemicals or odor then the Airfree can also be considered.  It is excellent at removing particulates such as pollen and dust.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) or Chemical Allergies - For these issues we cannot emphasize enough the elimination of the source of your sensitivity.  While air purifiers will help, the constant irritant will increase your sensitivity.  There are a number of models that specifically address MCS.  The Austin Air Healthmate Plus series includes highly absorptive potassium iodide to address MCS and Allerair VoCarb air purifiers along Second Wind Air Purifiers are highly successful in this area.

Pollen, Dust, and Mold Allergy Relief Products. - This is one of the most common applications for home air purifiers.  The Second Wind Air Purifiers address these issues directly by reducing or eliminating them from the bioaerosols, particulates, and VOCs from the air. UV is known to destroy many virus types, mold, and bacteria and is your best defense against allergies. The Austin Air HealthMate and Austin Air HealthMate Junior are excellent in addressing these irritants. AllerAir, Airfree, & NeoAir Units are also great for addressing these issues, as they are certified to reduce allergens and mold. If smells or odors also tend to trigger your allergy then you should consider using the units recommended for addressing the symptoms of asthma.

Tobacco Smoke - The smoke from cigarettes and, even worse, cigars is a stew of gasses and particles.  It is particularly hard to address with room air purifiers because the source is so active putting out so many pollutants in such a short time.    If you are unable to make your smoker go outside there are luckily several home air purifiers that manufacturers have specifically designed to address tobacco smoke and the multitude of pollutants it contains. The Austin Air Plus units are all designed by the makers to address this problem.  When tobacco smoke is involved another type to reducing the odor is general cleaning.  The AllerAir DS Models are specifically designed to remove smoke and smoke odors. Efficient removal of tobacco smoke and other odors is accomplsihed 21 lbs of double activated coconut shell carbon granules filter media. Additionally, the Double smoke prefilter - traps tar like a cigarette filter. UV Air Purifiers which use the PCO technology like those offered by Second Wind greatly help to eliminate any odors and harmful chemicals in the air from smoke or other causes.

Bacteria or Virus - UV light is needed for an air purifier to be effective in addressing bacteria and viruses in the home.  The Second Wind are among the best UV Air Purifier models on the market by far with the highest intensity UV lights! The Allerair Exec UV models all contain a 10 watt UV bulb designed to destroy bacteria and viruses and HEPA and adsorption media. Airfree, &NeoAir Units are also great for addressing these issues, as they are certified to reduce bacteria and mold.

Pet Allergies - Since we are assuming you will not get rid of your pets we will emphasize the cleaning of their bedding and other items such as toys and play gyms to reduce the source of the pet material as much as possible prior to installing any air purifiers. Pets, particularly cats, tend to clean themselves by licking their fur. This leaves a very fine film of saliva on their fur that dries and then goes airborne as a very fine dust. This is the primary cause of most pet allergic reactions. While this represents a mechanical pollutant and would indicate that HEPA or electronic air purifiers were used we have found that our customers are happiest if chemicals or odors are also addressed, particularly if the pet is a large dog, like a Lab, that will exude that wet dog smell on rainy days.

Office and Home Air Purifiers - Efficiency: Efficiency refers to the amount of air that is actually passed though the filter system of an air purifier. While a high grade air purifier HEPA filter will filter out 99.97% of the particles that are 0.03 micron and smaller this only takes place in the flow that actually passes though the HEPA filter. In typical home improvement store brand air purifiers a good percentage of the flow slips by the filter system and is propelled back into the room without being cleaned. Unfortunately the manufacturers are not required to state their air purifier efficiency. NeoAir Air Purifiers is the only company that states that better then 95% of the flow that enters their air purifiers is cleaned and returned to the room. We believe, based on reports from our customers, that the high end metal frame air purifiers from AirFree and Austin Air purifiers are also very efficient but we have seen no tests to indicate that this is the case. As we learn more we will post the information here.

Maintenance- Office and Home Air Purifiers: As with any high quality mechanism maintenance is a key concern to both the overall life of the air purifier and the efficiency and as well as effectiveness. At a first look the filter elements need to be changed or in the case of the electronic systems cleaned on the schedule provided by the manufacturer. However, to really maintain your air purifier at top efficiency the pre filter should be cleaned on a more regular basis. Regular cleaning will allow your air purifier to breathe more easily and this will translate into many benefits for you. First, cleaning will lower the noise level because the airflow will not be constrained. Second, the main filters will last longer because the pre filter will be more efficiently protecting it. If you do not want to clean the pre filter (they are usually dusty at best) the replacements are very inexpensive and the best investment you can make to maintain your air purifier. While you are changing or cleaning the pre filter wipe down the rest of the air cleaner with a slightly damp rag. Your high quality air purifiers from will last for years and keep your Indoor Quality high for you and your family.

Air Purifiers Reviews and Ratings All of the manufacturers that we represent produce quality air purifiers and deliver in a timely manner. They are a step above those offered a home improvement, drug and discount stores. In addition, none of these air cleaners represent a danger to your family. All of these air purifiers use proven technology that works. With that said: The top air cleaners are made by Second Wind. These are technically superior in terms of filtering efficiency and electronic capability. However, these are also the highest priced air cleaners we carry. The number two position is a toss up between UltraPure and Austin Air Purifier. Both of these products have simple controls. The edge probably goes to the Austin air purifiers because of the very long filter life while Blueair air cleaners are better looking. Next are the Friedrich C90B air cleaners due to their high ratings for removing particles like dust and pollen. The Allerair air purifiers offer all-metal construction and UV purification with very economical prices but are a bit louder than the higher end air cleaners. AireFree and NeoAir products are both lighter weight air cleaners that are designed as general air purifiers but are probably not recommended for people with allergy and asthma. There are exceptions to every rule so please call us to discuss your specific needs. We offer great prices and free shipping and we love to help and our repeat customers get a loyalty discount every day of the year.

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neoair air purifierNeoAir Enviro Care Air Purifiers
The Neoair Enviro PLUS is the latest addition in the Neoair Family. More powerful than ever this model features a huge 600 sq ft coverage area. With the new SuperHEPA filter this unit is especially recommended to asthma sufferers and to people that are extra sensitive to dusts and pollens. The SuperHEPA incorporates twice as much filter media making it more efficient against the finest particles and allergens.
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